Bike n Tri is the premier provider of cycling and endurance sport equipment and services. From our Maryville, TN based location, Bike n Tri provides sales, service, and support for a wide range of athletic endevours. Stop by, call or reach out online today!


At Bike n Tri, cycling is at the first word in our name and our primary passion. We love all forms of cycling, from road biking, mountain biking, gravel grinding, long haul touring… even Penny Farthings by Standard Highwheels find a place in our shop! Professional Bike Fitting services are also offered for every cycling dicipline, through our partnership with Quest Therapy Consultants.


The foundational skill in any triathlon is running, and Bike n Tri supports the multi-sport athlete like no other shop in the area. From Altra footwear and Profile Design hydration supplies to event & team support and local training runs, Bike n Tri provides a strong foundation to help you develop your skills, lower your PRs and reach your goals.


To compete in Triathlon requires a strong committment to swimming. Bike n Tri supports that committment by stocking the supplies like┬áTYR swimwear and Speedo performance accessories that discerning athletes demand in today’s competitive environment.

Nutrition & Coaching

Our core philosophy revolves around helping the endurance athlete reach every goal. We keep a wide range of race nutrition products on hand to help you fuel for any situation. From brands like Clif, Skraitch, and Honey Stinger to complete solutions like Hammer Nutrition and Huma. Nutrition counseling, skills training and coaching plans are all avaialbe through the professional staff and our consultants here at Bike n Tri.

Service & Support

Behind every type of sport is some requirement for service and support. From mechanical service on bikes to

William Norris

Owner, Trainer, Coach and Athlete. Husband of Alex.

Brent Williams

Service Manager, USA Cycling Certified Racing Mechanic, Husband of Jeanne.


cycling consultation – training – development

If cycling is your addiction, we’re your supplier. From simple starter bike to high-end racing equipment, we have it all. Steel lugged frames to high-modulus carbon, fixies to electronic shifting, Time Trial bikes to greenway cruisers, we supply it all and service everyhting that we selll. Stop by to day and let us help you!!

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Custom Bikes

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The fastest growing segment of the bicycle community!

Greenway Cycling

Community Outreach

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